One of the key elements in improving a student’s mathematical education is building an understanding and a partnership with parents/guardians as to the nature and the depth of the mathematics content and how parents can assist at home. To help with this effort, the Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Tech, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, has developed one page letters which are intended to support students, parents, and teachers as they begin a new unit of mathematical study. While each letter does not cover everything that a student will study in the upcoming unit, it will provide an overview.

Each letter provides glimpses of the content investigated in class, suggestions for activities to explore at home, vocabulary used in the unit, grade-appropriate readings related to the math content, and links to websites that contain additional background information or practice opportunities for skills development.

Excerpt taken from the:

To access these unit letters please click on a grade level below.
Along with the unit letters, you will find links for student practice as well as links for parents to build background knowledge.



The letters are copyrighted by the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). A license has been granted to the Georgia Department of Education to allow these documents to be freely used by Georgia educators. Anytime excerpts are taken from a letter, reference to the source should be cited. No material from this website should be sold without prior consent of the Georgia Institute of Technology.





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